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A fiber based Expandable Wood Granule


Our Product


We have developed a sustainable cellulose-based material in order to replace today's EPS (expanded polystyrene, or Styrofoam)


as paper

The new material is identified as a paper product and thus also able to be recycled in the fiber value chain.



The new material is fully biodegradable thus reducing the amount of waste of

fossil based materials in our environment,

improving our ecosystem, including lowering the amount of  microplastics in  our marine environment 



Our solution is drop-in and transition from EPS to CFF can therefore be done using same equipment, tools and machinery as todays EPS-production

As a result of the megatrends prevailing in the world today, such as climate challenges, urbanization and sustainable consumption, the innovation of CellOfibers Sweden AB, namely Cellofiber Granule/Cellofiber Foam, (CFG/CFF), fulfills an important function. 

Why CFG and CFF?


14 Million tonnes annual production

Disposable packaging

25-35% of waste at landfills

EPS is often used as packaging and in disposable products with a short life cycle.

World production of EPS today amounts to a whopping 14 million tonnes annually, of which approx. 60% is made up of disposable items and packaging. Of all EPS products that are produced, only a negligible proportion is recycled, and several independent estimates calculate that the proportion of waste at landfills is 25- 35% of EPS.


Plastic consumption in particular has exploded in recent years and is only predicted to increase. The very largest part of all plastic that is manufactured contains finite fossil resources such as oil and natural gas and has a decomposition time in nature of several 100 years and upwards of thousands of years, depending on which plastic it is. Plastic that is not taken care of properly and recycled often ends up in nature with the final destination being the oceans where the consequences risk being serious. Unfortunately, the figure for this percentage is frighteningly high globally and constitutes a major environmental problem. EPS is often used as packaging and in disposable products with a short life cycle.


A plastic free solution

"Our goal is to replace EPS globally with a fiber based, sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable material"

 Our mission 


Meet the team

CellOfibers Sweden AB is a start-up company based on technology resulting from research mainly conducted at MoRe Research Örnsköldsvik AB, a part of RISE together with devoted and experienced industrial partners. The founders have a strong belief and passion in making the world a better place. Together we possess a deep understanding within material science and process chemistry research together with a long experience in the pulp and paper industry and business development. This combination gives a strong basis for our mission in developing a drop-in solution for the replacement of EPS that is fiber-based, sustainable and recyclable.

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Thank you!

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